All star Hotel Booking,Venue Organisation

At Eclips International, we have been assisting hundreds of very demanding customers in all sort of services in the the past 20 years.

Our in-depth experience brought us some invaluable connexion with Palace Hotels. Even though our 3 main fields of action are Paris, NYC and London city, we know many Hotels around the world (Africa, South America, North America, Australia, Asia and Russia).

We guarantee your security and the highest quality standards and the best deals from highly respected partners. Our concierge service will complete your trip planning for an unforgettable, hassles free journey in your hotel either a palace or a more casual hotel, for yourself or a group.

  • Services and deals from Palace or casual hotels
  • Synergie with our full range of services
  • Group trip planning (all star hotels)
  • Internal concierge for connexe services
  • Full transfer services to and from airports
  • International trip planning for groups or individuals

Let us manage your stay,Only care for the best.

Whether you like Parisian mythic palace or a contemporary room with a blasting view in a skyscraper in the heart of Paris, we will find you the room and associated services that best suit your needs and taste.